BETA Release Explanation & FAQ

This is a BETA release of Be Fearless. From October to December 2019 the site is being developed, and populated with content to inspire you. In 2020 we will launch the Be Fearless Hack free of charge to the world. We hope to start a movement ... 

If you are here early, and curious enough to find this page, talk to us about becoming a Founding Fearless Enterprise


About the Be Fearless Movement

For twenty-five years I have been coaching high achievers, entrepreneurs and senior leaders through the IHD. During this time I have studied with some of the world's finest teachers of philosophy, psychology, science, comparative religion and mythology.

I have encountered one idea that crops up again and again and again ...

Confidence won't come to you, you have to track it down, and build it step by step. That's what "failures" are for. The Fearless Hack will enable you to do this simply.

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