How do you see the world?

It was clear to me from a young age that success and fulfilment had nothing to do with intelligence and not much to do with upbringing or opportunity. I was at school with some who were far more intelligent than me, and whose success has been limited and fulfilment very low. On the other hand, I was also at school with some pretty un-academic folk who have become hugely successful artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs and agents of social change. There are as many who are born to privilege and boundless opportunity who wreck their lives, and then there are those who are born to nothing who rise to great things. 

Happy, successful, fulfilled people come from all backgrounds and in all shapes, sizes, religions, and personalities. There is, however, one very common recurring feature: they all seem to see themselves and their future life in elevated terms. Sometimes (not always) this can come across as arrogance or pride, but that describes the style of their personality, not the substance of how they think.

They all see themselves as bigger, better, different, unique, special, inevitable ... you name it, they are not shrinking from their vision of how they and their world could be.

This can come across, in many different ways: as anything from arrogant to quietly confident. But people like this have another quality in common: they have learned how to use their anxiety, inhibition and fear to step forward, rather than step back. Many of us choose to run and hide from fear and discover that it does not go away. It follows us. Others run at fear - and develop a mastery of it. What is clear is that those who run at it, achieve more, and become happier, more successful and ultimately more fulfilled.

The clues to their psychological and emotional strategies are hiding in plain sight in the language they use to tell their stories and how they deal with the inevitable Delays, Disappointments and Disasters that clutter their pathways. It is my intention to reveal these strategies - they are different for everyone but there are strong patterns and it is these that I want to make visible here on Be Fearless.

My own journey began when I started to explore the extent to which my future could be made manifest through developing the craft of storytelling. The stories in my head had a powerful and lasting impact on how I felt; I wanted to see if I could change these stories - edit them to help me, rather than hinder me. It was not long before I became convinced of this and what followed, almost immediately, was a real sense of increasing happiness, success and fulfilment. There are still inevitable Delays, Disappointments and the odd Disaster to face in life, but I now have incredibly simple tools to manage my inhibitions and anxieties. The whole world feels different: I am able to focus on what I can change in life, work and relationships and not waste my energy feeling worried or anxious about the things that I can't.

Being part of the Be Fearless Movement will bring you stories to Inspire you, a springboard to Liberate you from the stories that constrain you the most, and tools to Transform your self-belief, confidence, and resilience. I am here entirely to serve that journey by sharing stories of people who, in my view, embody Fearless behaviour and share the tools that I and countless others use to make life better: a lot better!

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