Fearless Fledglings

I have never subscribed to the idea of the precocious child. To be willing and able to talk about the things that fascinate us is an awesome quality and a natural gift. However, communicating like this is not generally the focus of primary and secondary school education in the UK or most of the developed world, for that matter.

Young men like Tanmay are the future, and we can be sneering about their self-belief and confidence or thank the stars for them. I am firmly in the second camp. 

Tanmay is a 15-year-old Canadian. He's an Author, AI Expert, TED speaker (on using tech to tackle teen suicide), and Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor. Tanmay has addressed over 200,000 executives, developers and intellectuals worldwide at international conferences, universities & schools, financial institutions, and MNCs

Tanmay has been hired by Google and runs his own education channel on YouTube and he is destined to continue to be a Fearless role model at least in AI and IT, if not for the whole of his generation. What sets Tanmay apart is his ability to communicate. There are many genius minds that can barely string a sentence together, and there are great communicators who are not necessarily the greatest experts. Technical innovation can change the world - and when you can communicate too, you can change mindsets around the globe.

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